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Red, White and Pink blog tour hosted by Simply by Ti

Hello!  I am excited to wrap up the Red, White and Pink blog tour today, hosted by Simply by Ti fabrics.  The theme that I picked for today’s post is the color red.

I use to think that I couldn’t wear red. I thought that red only looked good on certain people (and I was not one of them). Then I discovered that colors can be divided into warm or cool tones  (this post is helpful to determine what tones look best with your complexion).  This discovery brought an encouraging idea.  Warm red tones do not flatter my complexion but I can wear cool red tones. Upon this discovery I became very excited and slowly brought red elements into my wardrobe.

My favorite and most worn red item are these shoes (shown in the photo below). They are fun to wear and also show off hand-knit socks.  The socks pictured feature yarn that I’ve spun from Dorset wool.  You can read in this post why I enjoy spinning wool into yarn.


Another category that I enjoyed wearing cool red tones are hand-knit accessories. This is a handspun shawl that I knit and it is a staple in my winter wardrobe.


The topic for today’s post, however, is sewing. As you can imagine, I have become picky to find red fabrics that are cool-toned. They can be hard to find as I tend to see more jewel and warm-toned red fabrics.

The red fabric that I picked for today’s sewing project is a rayon jersey from Jo Ann’s. The deciding factor for this pick was the tone of the fabric. It is the cool, blood-red tone that I am drawn to and I wanted to sew this project in a rayon knit fabric.

I decided to sew a pattern that I love and wear a lot. The pattern is the Everday Tee by Ellie and Mac (aff link).  I shared about my first version of the tee in this post.  I followed the same fit with this project as I did from the previous post (the fitted version and grading sizing XS to medium through the hips).

After sewing the top and trying it on, I had a few learnings that I thought I’d share about:

  1. This tee is more revealing the the other tee that I sewed.  One reason for this is the fabric thickness is slightly thinner.
  2. The revealing nature of this tee is also due to the fabric being a solid vs a print (I used a striped fabric in the previous project). Patterned fabrics divert your eyes to follow the print and solid fabrics are not as visually distracting.
  3. I made the fitted version of this pattern.  Trying this same weight fabric in the loose fit version would be an interesting comparison.

Initially I chose jeans to wear with this top. Upon trying on the top with jeans I decided to wear leggings in the photo because the pockets and waist of jeans showed underneath the fabric.

With the findings that I had above, this tee will gladly join my Capsule Pajama wardrobe.  Occasionally I will wear my striped Everyday Tee with pajama pants at night so it will be nice to have this red top set aside for regular pajama wear.  The pattern could even be modified to add length and the garment would be a comfy nightgown.

What is interesting about this learning is that fabric and pattern pairing make a big difference.  If you’re newer to sewing with knit fabrics and you don’t like the end product that you’ve made, I’d encourage you to stop and analyze what you like or didn’t like about the end garment.

In this case, I love the pattern (from my previous sewing project) and I’ve used this fabric with other looser fitting projects that I have liked.  Fabric and pattern pairings are quite important and can make or break a project.  This is usually a personal preference of course (whether you like or don’t like the end project) but I thought I’d share this thought for you to keep in mind with your knit fabric sewing.

Future plans:

I would love to make this tee again in a rayon knit print (in a slightly thicker weight).  The built-in kimono sleeve construction of this top makes a very quick sew.  I’d enjoy expanding my day wardrobe with some more versions of this top.  I would also like to make the loose fit version of this pattern in a sequence fabric that I have in stash.

I recently discovered this handy chart through the Love to Sew podcast.  They shared the chart and also this helpful article about understanding fabric weights on this episode.  This information is super helpful when purchasing fabric online.  Most fabric shops include the fabric weight in the description of the fabric (or they may give you this information if you request it).  As you’re working with fabrics, you can learn what weights you like or enjoy working with (which is super helpful for future purchases).

The leggings shown in the pictures are the Seamwork Manila leggings pattern, sewn with an Art Gallery knit fabric.

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