Minerva: Brushwork Remy Pattern Hack

Hello! I have a fun project to share about with you! I did a pattern hack to the Remy top and added a gathered bottom hem cuff (mimicking the gathered sleeve cuffs). For the fabric, I used a lovely Brushwork print from Minerva. I was gifted the fabric in exchange for making this top. The… Continue reading Minerva: Brushwork Remy Pattern Hack

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Minerva Crafts: Crinkle Viscose Mademoiselle Gus Top

Hello there! I'm excited to share with you about making the Mademoiselle Gus Top pattern with Minerva Crafts. I used a lovely crinkle viscose fabric and viscose piping, both from Minerva. The fabric and piping were so fun to work with and even more lovely to wear. Check out the blog post for lots more… Continue reading Minerva Crafts: Crinkle Viscose Mademoiselle Gus Top