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Pattern Review: Midi Skirt Roma by Halfmoon Atelier



I was thrilled to be a pattern tester for the halfmoon Atelier pattern, the midi skirt Roma. Meghann Halfmoon is currently refreshing her sewing pattern line.  I tested this skirt for her pattern refresh.

Pattern: midi skirt Roma byhalfmoon Atelier

Fabric: Blue mid weight cotton fabric with a nature print (the fabric was purchased from Ikea).

This fabric is no longer available at Ikea but if you’re searching for it online, you may be able to find it by searching: Navy BLAVIGNE Botanical Insect Print Cotton.


The pocket detail is one of my favorite features in many of the halfmoon Atelier patterns. I love the shape of the pocket and the length offers more then enough room to hold my phone.  I had the harebrained idea to do a pattern match with the fabric for the pocket.  It’s a nature themed print so why not make the pocket camouflaged, right?


I chose the rolled hem edge detail for my test version.  I wanted the pocket to blend in so for the edges of the pocket I did a double roll on the inside of the pocket (to hide the raw edges).  I also used matching thread to apply the pocket to the skirt.  I chose to place my pocket on the left side of the skirt.  I’m a left handed gal so I decided a left sided pocket would be handy.


The curve along one side of the skirt was another favorite detail of mine.  I think it gives the skirt a classy look.  She suggests to use a wide elastic for the waist, which is super comfortable and helps the waist lay flat.  The one piece of the skirt that I had to tweak a few times was the length of the elastic for the waist.  I chose a tunnel casing for the waist, which made adjusting the waist length quite easy (until I found the best length).




The skirt is a new favorite of mine and it will get a lot of wear.

For an alternate version of the midi skirt Roma I used some lovely blue Chambray fabric from Robert Kaufman (purchased from Let’s Sew).  I also used blue bias tape to finish the edges of the skirt (and to finish the pocket as well).  This version was a fun, more subtle take on the pattern.

The top that I’m wearing in the photos below is a ballet style cami top (also a pattern from halfmoon Atelier).  I will be sharing more details about the ballet top Delpy pattern in a future blog post.

Meghann Halfmoon is the brilliance behind the halfmoon Atelier brand.  She offers instructions for sewing the skirt with a standard sewing machine or sewing with a serger/standard sewing machine combination.  She also offers multiple finishing options for fun varieties to approach the pattern.

An updated version of the midi skirt Roma will be available on the halfmoon Atelier Etsy site on August 15th.  I’d encourage you to check out Meghann’s patterns.  She has a very elegant style and offers smart details in her sewing patterns.

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