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Pattern Review: New Look 6397

I have a pattern review to share today for New Look 6397.  As I share this review, I will mention that this is my first time working with a New Look pattern.  I recently bought a few online when they were on sale.

I started this project to participate in the lovely #cosycardichallenge hosted by Amanda, Rachel, and Nikki.

View – I wanted to try View D first, to make a muslin.  This style does not include sleeves so I thought for the muslin, I would start with the style with the quickest construction.


Size – To pick a size, I usually compare the body dimensions with the finished garment dimensions.  This pattern has suggested body dimensions but does not include finished garment dimensions.  To start, I picked a small for the top and medium through the waist/hips.

Fabric – The fabric that I used for my muslin is closest to a quilting weight cotton.  I share that as a disclaimer as quilting cottons, when used for garments, can have more of a “billowy effect” with the medium drape.  I had this fabric in stash and I liked the print so I thought it would be fun to try for the muslin.  The recommended fabrics are: Lightweight to medium weight woven or knit fabric with drape such as: Linen and Wool Types, Double Knits, Fleece, Interlock, Ponte, Stretch Velvet.




Before cutting out the pattern I read a few reviews online (this pattern is also listed online as 6249).  A lot of reviewers mentioned this pattern running on the larger side.  As I’m sure you can guess, the small/medium size started out too big for me.

For the second go around I brought in the waist/hips to the small size (so that the entire pattern became a size small).  This modification was still too big.  For an open front cardigan, my expectation is that the back will be smaller (as the front will not be closed).


For round three I brought the sides in to an XS size.  Although I’ve never sewn a pattern for myself in this small of a size, this size was also too big for me.

I found that each size has 5/8″ between them so for round four I was able to try an XXS size (which was not included in the pattern) by bringing in the shoulders and sides by 5/8″.


I will note, in the above photo I did not hem the bottom of the cardigan (the edges are raw).  This size did fit the best, however I’ve found that I don’t love the garment on me.  I will say that I did appreciate the garment construction in the pattern.  The collar construction was quite smart and one that I’ll save for possible future use.  The directions were quite clear as well.  The pattern has the sides with a fairly straight curve and folded hemmed sleeves.  I loved that they had you snip into the fabric to separate the hemmed sleeves from the sides.  I’d like to try this technique with my next version of the Dottie Angel Frock.



I’ve found with sewing over time that I’m still learning what garment shapes are flattering to me and which shapes aren’t as flattering.  The cut of this pattern is more of a boxy shape and I find that with my body type, I prefer more of a curve under the arm.  This by no means is any offense to the pattern.  I know a lot of people that look beautiful with boxy style shirts and cardigans.  I’ve just found for me, with my body type, this style of garment adds “weight” to my midsection in a more unflattering way.

I wanted to share this review because I think it’s good to share both patterns that I’m excited about and patterns that I will pass along to friends.  In the end, I don’t love the shape and with so many lovely patterns out there, I’d like to move on to a different shaped cardigan that I will enjoy wearing.  I think you should wear what you love and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

My plans for the next cardi pattern will be the Oslo by Seamwork Magazine.


4 thoughts on “Pattern Review: New Look 6397

  1. This is a really helpful review. I also don’t find boxy shapes suit me very well and it is useful to know how over sized it was. Maybe I’ll try a different pattern too!😁


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! I don’t hear people talk a lot about garment shapes and what flatters them vs what isn’t as flattering on their body type. Nothing against the pattern, of course. It’s written very well and will be flattering on many body types. I look forward to seeing what you make.


  2. Hi Rachel, great review! I think the colour looks lovely on you, but agree about boxy styles – they’re not my best look either. Hope you will enjoy Oslo – I’ve made it once and liked it. It’s pretty loose, but not boxy like this one, so hopefully it will be a winner!

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    1. Hello! Thank you! That is good to know that you’ve made the Oslo! I’ll keep that in mind for the looseness, thanks so much for sharing! I have a boyfriend style commercial cardigan in my closet (that I love) so I’m definitely leaning that way for handmade versions.


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