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Pattern review: Tee dress by Ellie and Mac

I am happy to share with you today a new pattern by Ellie and Mac called the Tee dress (aff links).

Photo Mar 07, 5 49 29 PM

My project info

Version: 3/4 length sleeve, knee length

Fabric: Rayon knit from Jo Ann’s

Size: Bust – XS, Waist/Hips – Small


A fun element about this pattern is that the bodice and waist/hip pattern pieces are seamless. There is not a seam at the waist, the finished dress is one continuous piece of fabric. What pairs really nicely with this pattern is printed fabric.

Photo Mar 05, 2 34 29 PM

This project is a first for me as I selected a floral print. I am not normally a floral gal. However, I saw this print at the store and I was quite drawn to the cool tones in the color palette. When you pick a dress pattern like this to pair with a printed fabric they work really well together (because there is not a seam across the body to break up the pattern).

Photo Mar 07, 5 51 33 PM

I normally sew a medium at the hips for Ellie and Mac patterns. This dress has a flare at the hip area.  I initially sewed a medium but there was more fabric in the lower half of the dress then I liked. I decided to go down a size to a small at the hips and I liked the result. This change in sizing allows the front and back pieces to fall more flat as you wear them, to show off the fabric.

I picked a 3/4 length sleeve for this project as I thought it is a really nice piece for fall and spring wear.

Photo Mar 07, 5 52 32 PM

Future plans:

This pattern (aff link) would be really cute as a short sleeve and tunic length (for summer wear). If you have not sewn with the rayon or a bamboo unit before I highly recommend you give it a try! If you look at my recent patterns on my blog you will see that a lot of my recent projects have been sewn with rayon knits.

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