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Sewing Subscription box, The Sewciety Nov 2018 [Product Review]

Hello there!  I was given this lovely box from The Sewciety team to review and share with you today.  I also have a special offer that I’m sharing with my readers today at the end of this post.

The box is a part of a sewing subscription box option that the Sewciety team offers via their website.  This specific box is from the November 2018 month’s subscription.  Each month includes a fun surprise with the patterns and fabrics that are included (along with other surprises that are included as well).  I’ve not yet participated in a sewing subscription box so I was really excited to review this one with you.


The box arrived in this sturdy cardboard container (that I’m going to use to store the projects as I make progress toward sewing them up).

Upon opening the box, there is a really helpful contents page that is included in the box.


The first project that is included is the Jemma Top by Sinclair Patterns.  I enjoy sewing indie sewing patterns.  I’ve not yet gotten the chance to work with Sinclair Patterns so I’m looking forward to sewing this one up (and sharing it with you in a future post).

2.5 yards of Art Gallery Knit fabric is also included in the box.  I have enjoyed sewing with the lovely Art Gallery Knit fabrics in the past so this was quite a fun surprise to enjoy in this box as well.  This quantity allows me to make more then one project (as my size in the Jemma Top calls for less then 2.5 yards of fabric).

Sinclair Patterns also included an extra free download for a second pattern from their shop, which I thought was very generous!


Note from the bundle above that The Sewciety team printed the PDF pattern onto a copy shop paper! I was so excited about this detail that was included in the box.  I don’t mind putting together PDF patterns but having a copy shop version can be a time saver and was quite a thoughtful detail for them to include.

I took a close up of the fabric print, to share.  I wear a lot of blues so I know I will get a lot of wear out of this one!  I thought the Geometric style print was really fun!  The name of this print pattern from Art Gallery Fabric is K-7042 PATH MARKER SLATE.


The other items included in the box are the following:


  1. Leah Duncan cotton woven printed fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics from the No Place Like Home collection.
  2. Leah Duncan cotton woven printed fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics from the No Place Like Home collection.
  3. Leah Duncan cotton woven printed fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics from the No Place Like Home collection.
  4. Leah Duncan cotton woven printed fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics from the No Place Like Home collection.
  5. 25 fabric clips
  6. Bias tape (to use with the pot holder kit)
  7. Pot Holder/Trivet pattern
  8. Insulation for the Pot Holder/Trivet kit
  9. Silicone thread peel
  10. Guttermann thread (coordinating with the Jemma Top project and with the Pot Holder/Trivet project)
  11. Bobbin buddy

I knew that the box included a second mini project but I didn’t realize that EVERYTHING you need to make this project is included (and two projects are included with this option as well).

I’m really happy with the contents of this box and I look forward to sharing more in a future post as I make up a few of the projects to enjoy!

For reference, your options on The Sewciety website are the following:

  • Subscription box: Select a subscription box to try for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months (the larger month’s boxes including extra goodies included).
    • When you select a subscription box, you get the following fabric preference options to further customize your box (shown in the photo below).  I love this option to customize the fabric to your preferences.  The box will still be a surprise but this selection process offers a fun way to narrow down which style of fabrics you would enjoy the most.  The preferences that I selected for my box were:
      • Geometric Shapes or Something subtle
      • Neutral Tones


  • Gift Box: A Gift Box is another option that you may select on the website.  This option is not a subscription but a one time gift that someone can get you or you could purchase for another sewer (or for a new sewer).
  • Past Boxes: If there are left over boxes from past subscriptions you may purchase them at this section (or read about the contents of these boxes, for reference).


I think sewing subscription boxes are a fun idea from the following approaches:

  • As an avid sewer, it has the potential to push me creatively to try patterns and styles that I haven’t tried yet (or might not have thought to sew for myself).
  • It’s a fun option to share with friends and family who might be asking what to get you for Christmas or for your birthday.
  • For the new sewer, it’s a great way to start trying sewing patterns and working with fabrics that you might not have worked with before.


If you are interested in giving a sewing box from The Sewciety’s site a try, use the promo code OAKBLUEBONUS to receive a special bonus item in your first box.

Let me know if you’ve already purchased a box from The Sewciety or have them on your wish list for this year.



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