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Maxi Split Skirt, No Patterns Needed by Rosie Martin with Simply by Ti Fabrics


I’m sharing today about a fun pattern that I’ve made from the book No Patterns Needed by Rosie Martin.  This pattern is the Maxi Split Skirt, which is a paneled skirt with two slits in the front.



I picked two unique fabrics for this project from Simply by Ti’s shop** (shown in the photo above).  One was a lovely Athletic, Dritex fabric, for the main panel of the skirt.  For the smaller front panel I selected a lovely wine toned, stretch faux leather fabric.  I love the contrast of the shiny and matte fabrics together.  I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to pair these two fabrics together (had it not been for the pattern sample inspiration).  I’m excited now for this match as this skirt will get year round wear with its breathability and ease of movement (both being stretch fabrics and with the moisture wicking and UV properties of the Dritex fabric) .

I was inspired by one of the skirt sample photos shown in the book (using the stretch leather and matte knit fabrics, shown in the photo below).


The premise of the book is to offer a collection of sewing patterns that can be self-drafted (based on your own measurements).  The book walks you through how to take your own measurements and then drawing up the pattern for each project.  Sewing a self-drafted pattern is very satisfying.  Although this is a bit more work up front then pre-drafted patterns (checking your measurements and drawing the pattern pieces) the perfect fit in the end is so gratifying.


For the waistband, I used a 2″ elastic that I had in my stash.  This elastic is cheaper (which means it’s thinner and isn’t the best for a sturdy waistband).  One way I’ve gotten around its thinness is to sew two parallel lines through the elastic to help stabilize and add rigidity to the elastic.


In case you’re curious, the top shown in the photos is made with a rayon knit fabric and is the boatneck Anegada top by Halfmoon Atelier (view B, shared in this post).


Stretch leather is not a breathable fabric so picking this open paneled skirt pattern was a fun option to enjoy the texture and color of the faux leather.


I have to say, when the wind picked up as we were taking these photos, I felt a bit like a super hero in the best way (with my “cape” being the skirt).


I would love to work a bit more with Dritex fabrics (possibly trying a different color next time).  Moisture wicking and UV protection are quite fun benefits to consider for other garment applications (the most obvious being for athletic garments).


If I were to make this pattern again, I think I would do slight mod to the pattern.  I have a   commercial maxi skirt in my closet that fits me well.  This skirt has a yoga style waistband and utilizes an a-line shape rather then gathers for the silhouette.  Both styles of skirts are comfortable but the a-line shape has a slightly different look then the gathered style.  Watch this space as I may decide to make a second version of this skirt making these mods, just for fun.

So far, this is the only pattern that I’ve sewn from the book but I’ll be glad to share more as I pick a second pattern to make from the book.

Simply by Ti

**I am a Simply by Ti Ambassador and received the fabric mentioned in this post as complimentary fabric in exchange for review and promotion.  The fabric selected was my choice and the views expressed are my own.


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