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Pinspiration, Pattern Review with Ellie and Mac & Simply by Ti Fabrics


Hello!  I’m excited to share a fun Pinspiration project with you today.  For this project I picked an outfit that I was inspired by on Pinterest and sewed “the look” with similar fabrics and sewing patterns.


Women’s Going Home Sweater (aff link)

Women’s Urban Legs Shorts and Legging Pattern (aff link)




Medium Blue Denim Jegging

Rayon Spandex Heather Gray/Ivory Stripes

Gray Glitter French Terry


I’m going to break down the patterns into two Pattern Reviews below, to share more details about the garments.


Women’s Going Home Sweater (aff link)

Pattern Description: The Going Home Women’s Sweater Pattern is a staple for your wardrobe!!  It features short, 3/4 or long sleeve, shirt, tunic or dress length, and neckband or cowl option.  You can make this so many fun ways!  Girl’s version sold separately.

Pattern Sizing:



I graded across a Small/Medium/Large for the Bust/Waist/Hips for this project.

Did it look like the photo/drawing when you finished sewing? Yes.

Line drawing:


We’re the instructions complete and easy to follow? Yes

Fabric used (did you use the suggested fabrics in the pattern)?  The pattern recommends 50% stretch both ways (vertical and horizontal).  The Gray Glitter FT fabric is 50% horizontal with 25% vertical stretch. The Rayon Spandex gray/ivory stripe is 75% horizontal and 65% vertical stretch.

The FT fabric, having less vertical stretch, gave the tunic stability.  The rayon fabric was much more drapey, which slightly changed the elbow patch location but I didn’t think this was a big deal.


Did you alter the pattern in any way?  Yes.  I added in-seam pockets (with this pattern template) and elbow patches (with this pattern template).  For the pockets, I used the FT fabric.  I thought this was a good choice as it has less stretch (and being more stable for a pocket application).  For the elbow patches, I used the denim jegging fabric for a fun contrast.


Before sewing the elbow patches onto the sleeves, I serged around the edges of the patches.  This detail was more for the look then a functional need (as knit fabric doesn’t fray).  I thought the serged edges looked more like a traditional elbow patch.  To estimate the elbow patch placement, I layed the flat sleeve up to my arm (after cutting out the sleeves).  I took a fabric marking pen and marked the center location of my elbow onto the sleeve fabric.  I then made markings on the sleeve to note where to place the patch, centered on to this location.


Was there anything you disliked or would change?  Not to the EAM pattern.  I’m not sure if I would add pockets to the tunic in the future?  I like the idea of adding pockets to a pattern, but I found that they added bulk to the hip area (which is not ideal in my case).  I might try tacking the pockets in place to see if this helps the pockets lay flat and reduce the fussiness of them moving around with wear.

Would you sew it again? Yes!  I love raglan style tops as they are a great use for smaller fabric scraps.  I’d love to make this same pattern as a dress and as a top as well, in the future.

Would you recommend it to others?  Yes, I really enjoyed the pattern!

Do you consider the pattern beginner/intermediate/advanced? Advanced beginner

Does the pattern include layers for easy printing? Yes

Seam allowances used in the pattern: 1/4″

Is the pattern cut or no cut pages? No cut pages




Women’s Urban Legs Shorts & Leggings (aff link)

Pattern Description: The Women’s Legging Pattern has a lot of awesome features.  You have six length options to choose from including shorts, capri, crop, regular full length, long full length and tall.  It has inseam length posted at each length option and also a chart to measure yourself for the perfect fit using our blending tutorial.  The optional pockets are fun as well as the high waistband, narrow waistband or contoured waistband.  You are sure to get your favorite fit!  We have put a ton of time into this pattern and made change after change to get it just right.  We hope you love it!

Pattern Sizing:



I sewed a size L for the leggings and a size M for the narrow waistband.

Did it look like the photo/drawing when you finished sewing? Yes

Line drawing:


I made the narrow waistband, I included the pockets on the left and right sides, and I selected the Long full length.  I LOVE long leggings, so this length was perfect for me.  I did want to note that there was one longer length option included in the pattern as well, Tall length.

For the sizing, I typically grade across two sizes from waist to hips.  I knew that the jegging fabric that I picked had less stretch then the pattern recommended (40% horizontal stretch).  I decided to pick the size Large for the leggings and the Medium sized, narrow waistband.  This choice worked well as the leggings are not too tight but they also stay in place.

On the legging pattern pieces, multiples sizes are included for further sizing reference (thigh, calf, etc.).  This is helpful as you can modify which sizing you pick for different parts of your leg, based on your own measurements.

We’re the instructions complete and easy to follow? Yes

Fabric used (did you use the suggested fabrics in the pattern)? The jegging fabric that I used had slightly less stretch in the horizontal then the pattern recommended (40% stretch in the horizontal vs the recommended 50% stretch).  This difference was not an issue, keeping in mind this difference when I picked sizing.

Did you alter the pattern in any way?  No, I sewed the pattern as is.

Was there anything you disliked or would change?  I think the next time I would include elastic inside the waistband.  The pattern mentions this detail as an option but I thought I would try the waistband without one.  The leggings stay in place but I think in the future including an elastic waistband would be a little more comfortable for me and would help keep the waistband in place.  The jeggings have stayed in place with wear but the waistband moves around a bit.

Would you sew it again? YES!!  I LOVE all of the length options that this pattern includes.  I would love to make this pattern in the shorts to wear in the summer under dresses or also with athletic fabric to fun workout leggings.

Would you recommend it to others? Absolutely!  I also love that the Leg pattern pieces are simplified so that you’re only sewing the inner leg seams (which is a faster and more comfortable legging construction).  This legging pattern has 3 pattern pieces (4 if you include the optional pockets).

Do you consider the pattern beginner/intermediate/advanced?  Advanced beginner

Does the pattern include layers for easy printing? Yes

Seam allowances used in the pattern: 1/4″

Is the pattern cut or no cut pages? No cut



I enjoyed using my Janome Air Thread 2000D and Janome Skyline S7 for these two garments.

Simply by Ti

**I am a Simply by Ti Ambassador and received the fabric mentioned in this post as complimentary fabric in exchange for review and promotion.  The fabric selected was my choice and the views expressed are my own.

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