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Pattern Review: Strand Top by Halfmoon Atelier, Making Magazine Issue 9: Simple

I’m very excited to share about the STRAND top/dress by Halfmoon Atelier that was just released in Making Magazine Issue 9: Simple. I was in the pattern test group for this design last year so I’ve been quite excited for the pattern release!

Pattern Description: This design was inspired by simple summer daydreaming, by vivid memories of long, hot summer days, by the romantic narrative of dancing in a field of wildflowers and by the second film in my all-time favorite trilogy, Before Midnight. The STRAND dress has a slight 70’s vibe, but with clean modern lines.

As a top, it can be worn loose or tucked into a skirt or high waist cutoffs. The dress features inseam pockets and a drawstring, allowing you to easily adjust the fit and feel of the dress at any point in the day.

Pattern Sizing:

My versions: Size 4 at the top grading to a 5 at the waist/hips

Did it look like the photo/drawing when you finished sewing? Yes. I love the unique and classic style of the design.

We’re the instructions complete and easy to follow? Yes! Admittedly, I was in the test group for this design. If there were things that I found difficult to follow, I shared this feedback with the designer during testing.

Fabric used (did you use the suggested fabrics in the pattern)?

Black with white piping version: Double Gauze fabric

Floral version: Cotton voile fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics cotton voile by Bari J. (Painted Desert Night Print)

Interfacing was used on the yoke and straps (as recommended in the pattern)

Did you alter the pattern in any way?

For the strap placement I referenced the strap length by covering my bra straps versus referencing the suggested notches on the pattern. I used safety pins to hold the straps in place as I tried on the top and adjusted the strap length a few times before sewing them in place.

For the black and white version, I added piping to the yoke. Our family has been excited about Super Heroes for Halloween costumes in the recent years. I thought this modification was a fun nod to Wonder Woman.

Was there anything you disliked or would change?

I may scoop out a little more in the under arm to adjust for my fit preferences. I used two very different fabric bases for the two tops that I made (double gauze and voile). I saw more variation in the double gauze with the fabric being less stable.

Would you sew it again? I would! I’d like to try the dress version. I love that the pattern includes pockets as well!

Would you recommend it to others? Absolutely! The garments have looked beautiful on all models that I’ve seen. I love the wide range of sizing that is included in the pattern. The style of the top and dress are lovely for layering or for wearing alone on a hot summer day.

Do you consider the pattern beginner/intermediate/advanced? Intermediate. The burrito method is utilized as a finishing method for this garment. Instructions are included to walk through this technique.

Does the pattern include layers for easy printing? Yes

Seam allowances used in the pattern: 3/8″ or 1 cm

Is the pattern cut or no cut pages? Cut pages

I love the versatility that this pattern offers. One neat element is that this garment is released as a collection within a magazine. Layering options are included within the publication for patterns that you can also make and wear with this top/dress (like a handknit sweater or cardigan). This is a great garment for spring/fall layering or also for wearing alone in the sweltering heat. I recommend you check out this pattern and give it a try!

If you’d like to check out independent yarn and fabric shops that carry this magazine, I wanted to link to the Stockists list as well. Thanks!

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