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Origami Love Notes Kit from Tuttle Publishing

Hello! I have a fun kit to share about today, the Origami Love Notes kit from Tuttle Publishing (FREE DOWNLOAD link included at the end of this post).

I had homemade Valentine’s in mind to make this year for friends, family and my husband. The kit comes with 36 folding sheets in 12 different designs.

I added to the fun, pairing the Candy Patterns Origami Paper pack with the Love Notes instruction booklet. 200 origami papers can last a long time!

If you want to try just the Candy Paper pack it comes with an individual origami instructional booklet inside.

I haven’t gotten to fold origami since I was a kid. I had so much fun with this project that all of my household wanted to join in to make their own Love Notes as well.

Check out these kits and if you’re new to Origami, I recommend you jump in and give it a try! I’m looking forward to making these little cards to share with others year round.

If you’d like to view directions for sample cards from this book, click the following link:

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