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Galloon lace inspirations

Sewing with galloon lace via bra and underwear patterns have been a popular trend in the sewing community.  I’m going to share today ideas and inspiration for sewing galloon lace into garments.

What is galloon lace (you might ask)? Galloon Lace is considered to be more of a trim then a fabric.  It is a beautiful lace that comes in various widths (6″, 8″, 10″, etc.), various colors and patterns.  It has curved and finished edges with varying designs in the center panel.  As the edges are finished and decorative, it is fun to apply this lace to garments that allow the decorative edges to be featured.

Photo Feb 24, 2 57 14 PM.jpg

As I shared above, my focus today will be sharing ways to incorporate galloon lace into garments. I’m a part of a collaborative Pinterest board that you can check out here for more ideas. I like to divide the patterns by categories (that is a how I typically think about patterns that I’m going to sew).  The cagetories that I will be sharing today are dresses, bottoms and tops.

This post is a part of my Fabric Ambassor* sponsorship with Simply by Ti fabrics.  Ti has some lovely galloon laces in her shop that are a great pairings with the ideas that I’m sharing today.  The laces are currently discounted through a pre-order so I highly recommend you go and check out what she’s offering in the shop.

The first category that I’m sharing about today is dresses.  I’m sharing pictures of ideas that I found on pinterest (this pinterest board contains the image sources). The featured galloon lace photo was taken by me.

I thought this photo shows a cute application, using galloon lace in the yoke of a dress.  I really liked this application, using a solid fabric for the body and a beautiful lace for the yoke and sleeves of the dress.

Photo Feb 24, 9 54 45 AM

I loved this next idea, sewing a simple sleeveless dress and applying galloon lace to the bodice and down the skirt, at an angle.

Photo Feb 24, 9 55 40 AM

I thought this next photo show a fun idea, adding galloon lace to the bottom trim of a dress (or wearing this dress layered under another dress for the lace to peek out at the bottom).

Photo Feb 24, 9 56 11 AM

The second category is bottoms:

The first pattern that I was drawn to is an application of galloon lace on the bottom of the Seamwork Monroe pants.

Photo Feb 24, 9 24 27 AM

The second idea that I LOVED is this skirt with lace paneled godets incorporated into the skirt.  With a wider galloon lace, this would be a fun application to incorporate into the Seamwork Eliza skirt pattern.

Photo Feb 24, 9 55 28 AM

This skirt idea is a fun use of faux leather with galloon lace together.  The contrast of the delicate lace with the “tougher” leather is a fun combination. Ti has some fun faux leathers in her shop that would be fun to use with galloon lace.

Photo Feb 24, 2 01 21 PM.jpg

The third category is tops:

I loved this first idea, taking a raglan top pattern and splitting the sleeves.  The top portion is lace and the bottom portion is fabric.  You could apply this idea with galloon lace by picking a width of the lace that is similar to what you would need for the top sleeves and applying the edges exposed to the garment (rather then sewing the edges inside the seam as shown in the photo below).  I think this idea gives a “cold shoulder” look but with a little more elegance, with the lace.  A pattern that I think would be fun to try with this idea is the Riviera Raglan top by New Horizon Designs.

Photo Feb 24, 9 56 44 AM

This next idea is similar to the one mentioned above (only the top is short sleeved).  This photo shows the idea that I mentioned above, leaving the edges of the lace exposed to show off the edges of a galloon lace.

Photo Feb 24, 9 56 32 AM

I thought this next application is creative, incorporating galloon lace into the shoulders of a top.  This would be a fun application for laces that are smaller in width.  This idea would also be cute as a racing stripe along the side seams of a pair of pants.

Photo Feb 24, 9 58 34 AM

I loved this next idea (which would also be fun to use for smaller scraps of galloon lace).  For this application you could take a sewing pattern (or existing commercial tank top) and apply the lace to the shoulders to act as sleeves.  I think this is a fun detail that really dresses up a garment.  Personally, I would pick wider lace (or taper the lace underneath the armholes) as I think the style shown in the picture below would bother me in the armpit area.

Photo Feb 24, 9 58 40 AM

My plans:

I will be sewing some actual projects that I make (jumping off this inspiration post) in an upcoming post. To give you a sneak peek, the following are my favorite ideas that I’m planning to work from for my upcoming projects.

I would also like to sew a bralette.  I purchased the Bridgette Bralette pattern from Made for Mermaids  but I haven’t sewn it up yet.  This pattern utilizes galloon lace in the majority of the garment and is a fun item to wear in open back tops.

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*As a Simply by Ti Fabric Ambassador I receive complementary fabric from the Simply By Ti shop to use for projects to write about and share with you.


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      1. That is so fun!! I want to sew a skirt too with the wine faux leather that I have coming!! I was thinking of making the Colette Ginger skirt but we’ll see. Do you have a pattern in mind yet?


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