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Dutch Label Shop haul [Product Review]


I was approached by the company Dutch Label Shop to try their labels and offer a product review back, sharing my experience. My order was a combination of labels that they sent to me to review and labels that I purchased, within the same order.  I personally selected the items that I received (and purchased).

I have a Discount code to share with you today.  You will find the discount code at the bottom of this post.


I had so much fun with this review that I’m going to break down my thoughts into a four part series.  The posts will be shared in the following topics:

  • Product Review (today’s post)
  • Adding labels to hand knit garments/accessories
  • Adding labels to hand sewn garments
  • Customizing a brand label

I will share first that I do not have a custom shop where I am and making and selling goods.  I see a lot of examples online of this need (utilizing labels with goods for sale). I think this option is beautiful but I am currently a different type of customer.  I thought I would share more about my making, in case my background is helpful to anyone else who might be approaching their makes in a similar fashion.

Regarding sewing, I sew for fun. I share pattern reviews on this blog, test sew patterns and also make garments for the Minerva Craft Blogger Network.  I sew for myself, for my family and for gifts.

Regarding knitting, I predominately knit for my family (and for myself).

The following is a product review of the labels that I received.  If you have any questions about the labels that I received (or about my experience), please share or ask via the comments below (or contact me).


Product Review

Product Description: 

The Dutch Label Shop offers four categories of labels—

  1. Brand Woven labels
    1. Basic (three sizes, iron-on or sew-in)
    2. Custom (custom image, 10 layout options, multiple sizes, iron-on or sew-in with proof option)
  2. Care (customized to your preferences)
  3. Hang Tags (basic or custom logo)
  4. Stock labels (sew-in size tags)

Design a Basic woven label with our predefined fonts, symbols, and color options, or choose an Woven logo label that allows for full customization to share your unique logo with buyers.

Product Sizing:

Brand labels –

  • Basic (2.4″ x 0.6″, 2.4″ x 0.8″, 2.4″ x 0.9″)
  • Custom (Width: between 0.3″ – 7.85″  Height: between 0.3″ – 7.85″)

Care Labels – 2.8″ x 1.2″

Hang Tags – 3.54″ X 1.57″

Stock labels – Size labels 1.6″ x 0.4″

Did the end product look like the advertised products on the website? Yes

Was the ordering process easy to complete and easy to follow? Yes.  I created three customized labels.  I will share more about the customization process in a future post.

Products purchased?

  1. Brand label – basic (address label)
  2. Brand label – custom (tree image)
  3. Care labels
  4. Stock labels (Size labels)

Did you customize any of the products?  Yes (note list above for customization reference).

Was there anything you disliked or would change?  No, I was really happy with the process and the end result.  I’ve been wanting to purchase labels so I was happy at the opportunity to test out the labels from Dutch Label.

Would you purchase from this site again? Yes

What makes this shop unique or different?  One really unique option with this site is the low quantity that you have the option to order.  I have viewed other sites that offer labels and noticed much higher minimum quantities that are required for customized labels.  Dutch Label Shop’s fairly low minimums were helpful to test out the process with a lower commitment, up front.  The lower minimums were especially nice for my personal use of the labels (and not for business purposes).  For reference the following are the minimums and pricing as of 10-10-18 on the site:

  1. Brand Woven labels
    1. Basic (Qty 30 for $20)
    2. Custom (Qty 5 for $20)
  2. Care labels (Qty 30 for $17)
  3. Hang Tags (Qty 30 for $17)
  4. Stock labels $0.13 per tag

Would you recommend it to others?  Yes.  I will share in future posts about my plans to use these labels for both my sewing and knitting.

What type of customer are you (shop owner, individual maker, etc.)?  I am an individual maker.  All of the items that I purchased/received will be used for personal use or to add labels to handmade gifts.


If you’re interested in trying Dutch Label Shop and would like to receive 15% off your order, you may use the discount code [oakbluedesigns15] valid through December 4, 2018.  Thanks so much!  I’ll be back soon with the next post, sharing how I’m adding labels to my hand knit garments and accessories.



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