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Minerva: Ripstop Parade of Pouches

Hello there! I really enjoyed sewing with multiple Ripstop fabrics from Minerva this month (and I’m looking forward to sharing about them).

The Ripstop that I selected from Minerva is lovely to work with (and it’s inexpensive as well).

It’s handy to check which side of the fabric has the water resistant layer, before sewing.

I’ve made four handy pouch projects with this post. Check out lots more about these projects in the following posts on the Minerva site:

https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037288 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037287 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037286 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037285 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037284 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037283 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037282 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037281 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037280

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