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Minerva: Morgan Jeans Exploration

Hello there! I’m SO EXCITED to share with you about making my first pair of jeans.

I sewed the Morgan jeans (by Closet Core patterns) as this month’s Minerva Blogger Network project. I used a 7.5 oz 100% cotton denim fabric for this project and the finished jeans are so comfortable.

Customized, handmade jeans have been quite a fun project (and I see myself making lots more in the future). Check out the link for lots more details on the Minerva site:

https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037893 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037892 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037891 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037890 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037889 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037888 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1037887

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