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Minerva: Tencel Twill Nehalem Pants

Hello there! I’m very excited to share with you about a project that has been on my bucket list, the Nehalem pants by Sew House Seven.

When I saw this beautiful Tencel Twill fabric by MILK on Minerva’s site I decided that now is the time to make these pants!

They are as comfortable as a pair of pajama pants but the sheen and style of the fabric with the pant construction brings an elevated look to a cozy pair of pants. They have pockets as well!!

Check out the posts below on Minerva’s site for lots more details: https://www.minerva.com/posts/1043542 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1043541 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1043540 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1043539 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1043538 https://www.minerva.com/posts/1043537

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