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I’m very excited to share that I will be writing book & product reviews from Tuttle Publishing. In case you are not familiar with Tuttle I wanted to include a link to share more about the company’s background.

Tuttle has a unique perspective as a publishing company in that their focus is specifically sharing content inspired by Asian countries for their books and products. Some books are originally published in Japan or China and then Tuttle offers an English translated copy, released for more to enjoy the inspiration.

The following is the Mission Statement from the Tuttle website:

MISSION: The core of Tuttle Publishing is built upon one objective: pioneering into the future while building upon our past. Our fundamental values are as strong today as they were in 1948: to discover, create, publish, and deliver best -in-class books & products that bring the World closer together one page turn at a time. With Asia’s expanding economic, cultural and political influence in the world, the need for meaningful dialogue and information about this diverse and vibrant region has never been greater.​ Since 1948 Tuttle Publishing has given the world access to the cultures, visual arts, cuisines, languages, and literatures of Asia through the pages of our award-winning books.”

I’ve had a passion for the Asian culture since I was quite young. In elementary school I had a multiple close friends that were Japanese. Their families moved to our town for their parent’s job (on a three year rotation with their work). In middle school I took a Japanese language\culture class (in eighth grade). I connected with a Japanese penpal from that class that I kept in touch through my adulthood.
I have always admired and appreciated more closely the Japanese culture but also the Asian culture as a whole. I loved folding origami as a child, learning to use chopsticks, and had quite a passion for Sanrio products (which I experienced through my local friends as Internet was not around at that time).

With this introductory post I wanted to share pictures from their Fall 2020 Catalogue. Links have been imbedded into each of the images below (click each of the images for direct links).

I love that they offer Shibori origami paper! I’ve admired the Shibori technique for fabric printing and I adore this crossover from fabric to paper.

I think the new Doodling books are too cute! I’ve been exploring painting with watercolors recently and would love to explore these Doodling books as inspiration (to springboard into my own doodling adventures).

I’ve appreciated that their publishing content includes knitting and crochet! As a multi-crafter, I really enjoy seeing inspiration across multiple mediums.

The watercolor technique books look really versatile and inspiring. I quite enjoy watercolor as a medium as well.

Macrame is an area that I haven’t dappled in yet but I really appreciate its functional art form. I love seeing modern takes on crafts that were really popular in the past. Seeing resurgences in crafts brings such fun inspiration and ideas. I would enjoy making macrame plant hangers to keep plants out of reach from our cats.

I’m quite intrigued with this Korean patchwork book! This would be such a fun exploration for sewing up fabric scraps into functional works of art. I especially love the pieces that were made with lightweight fabrics for sheer pieced elements.

Tuttle also has some unique books on foods, tea, and beauty.

The photos above are a small glimpse at products available from Tuttle (that caught my eye). If you are not familiar with Tuttle Publishing, I highly recommend checking them out. You may find some fun ideas for your Christmas list this year.

Their site allows you to make a wish list as a handy feature to note or share your favorites. The following is a list that I’ve put together if you’d like some ideas for inspiration. Thanks so much!

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