Product Review

Product Review: Dosely Vitamins

2020 has held many challenges and surprises. One positive for me has been to think about ways I can better take care of myself. One change I’ve made this year has been to come back to taking vitamins everyday. I’ll be sharing today about Dosely, a plant based vitamin company. I was first a customer and then became an Affiliate with Dosely.

The vitamins shown in the photos were sent to me in exchange for this review.

Affiliate link:

Discount code: 15%OAKBLUEDESIGNS for 15% off your order.

Sometimes, for me the easiest way to start (or come back to) a good habit is to find ways to make it more convenient. I have really appreciated Dosely’s packaging approach. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through my morning routine and then second guessed if I’ve taken vitamins yet for the day. Perforated packaging takes away this issue. Shipping is also free on any order.

I find that I’m REALLY picky with vitamins. After taking many different vitamins over the years, I prefer taking plant based vitamins in a coated capsule form. If a vitamin has a bad flavor or aftertaste, I dread taking them. Dosely vitamins don’t have a taste as you take them and also don’t have an aftertaste.

This may seem like a tiny detail but for me it’s the difference of dreading taking vitamins (and then I eventually stop taking them) or consistently taking them because the process is easy.

A Few Notes About the Dosely Company:

  • Click the following link to learn more about the ingredients inside Dosely vitamins:
  • Each ingredient is FDA GRAS approved and NSF certified.
  • Every batch is third-party tested for purity, strength, composition, and safety.
  • Dosely has partnered with Vitamin Angels, who works to reduce child malnutrition in 70 countries. Each Dosely purchase provides a matching vitamin donation to provide a child with a one-year supply of essential vitamins.

The start of Dosely: Erick (the Creator of Dosely) was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2017. His blood-work revealed he was deficient in Vitamin D. After months of trying (and failing!) to establish a new vitamin habit, he was still deficient. Given over half of Americans have a preventable vitamin deficiency, Erick knew he wasn’t alone.
He teamed up with the best ingredient suppliers, scientists, and packaging experts to create Dosely.

Dosely vitamin packs are available for women or men. You can purchase just one box or there is an option for a subscription box (at a discounted rate).

If you’re like me and are in the market for a new vitamin, check out the link for lots more details: (Affiliate link)

Feel free to use the following 15% off discount code: 15%OAKBLUEDESIGNS

Thank you!

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