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Hudson Pants by True Bias with Simply by Ti fabrics

I am sharing more today about expanding my Capsule Pajama wardrobe.  I shared an introduction to this adventure in this post.  The pattern that I'm talking about today is the Hudson Pants by True Bias.  In the previous post I shared about my wearable muslin.  In today's post I will be sharing about two additional… Continue reading Hudson Pants by True Bias with Simply by Ti fabrics

Capsule Wardrobe

Planning a Capsule Pajama Wardrobe

A theme that I've picked for 2018 is "taking better care of myself." I can see this theme expanding out into multiple areas but the topic I'll share about today is sewing handmade pajamas. In the past I haven't been a "fancy pajama" kind of girl. I have typically worn the following for pajamas: old… Continue reading Planning a Capsule Pajama Wardrobe

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Planning a Capsule Wardrobe. . .

I thought I'd take a little time for this post to share details behind my Capsule Wardrobe planning.  I will also share some helpful resources that I've found in this topic. If you're not familiar with the term Capsule Wardrobe, Wikipedia notes the following: Capsule Wardrobe - "The term has come to refer to a… Continue reading Planning a Capsule Wardrobe. . .